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Dear Swimmers,

The list of heats is now available at our Web site, see below. The heat times given are approximate. Please make sure you are at the pool in plenty of time.

The complete starting list can be downloaded here:
 download starting list of participants as pdf (177 KB)

When you sign in you will receive a booklet containing the list of heats and other necessary information.

Please note that your times may not be completely correct due both to typing mistakes and programming errors. We apologize for any discrepancies. We will do our best to assure that the competition goes as smoothly as possibly. Unfortunately, only the most serious mistakes can be corrected at this point. Changes in the heats are no longer possible.

Relay registration

There have also been mistakes as far as the relay races are concerned. In some cases it was not possible to read the data correctly. Here once again the schedule of events:

Competition 54 x 100m Free-style mixedFriday afternoon
Competition 104 x 100m Free-style womenFriday afternoon
Competition 114 x 100m Free-style menFriday afternoon
Competition 134 x 50m Free-style mixedSaturday early morning
Competition 174 x 50m Free-style womenSaturday morning
Competition 184 x 50m Free-style menSaturday morning
Competition 204 x 50m Medley mixedSaturday early afternoon
Competition 234 x 50m Medley womenSaturday afternoon
Competition 244 x 50m Medley menSaturday afternoon

We have sent you an e-mail together with a registration form for the relays that you can print out the registration form and bring with you. Please hand in these forms at the Information Desk no later than 9 o’clock on the day of the relay. We regret that we cannot accept forms after this time. Pease fill in all necessary information and write legibly! Mixed relays must be made up of 2 men and 2 women.

We hope your training is on schedule and look forward to seeing you.

The Sports Team


The venue for the swimming competitions is the Olympia-Schwimmhalle. Here under the world-famous tent-shaped roof, Mark Spitz collected seven gold medals in 1972 and thus secured a place in the history of the sport of swimming. In 2000 the eighth Masters world championship also took place here.

Neben den acht Bahnen im 50-Meter-Wettkampfbecken mit elektronischer Zeitmessung steht Euch in der Olympia-Schwimmhalle ein separates 50-Meter-Becken zum Ein- und Ausschwimmen sowie das Sprungbecken zur Verfügung, wenn Ihr zwischendurch einfach mal im Wasser herumplanschen wollt. Zur Entspannung könnt Ihr die große Liegewiese nutzen mit Blick auf den Olympia-See und den Olympia-Turm.

You will be able to use not just the 50-meter competition pool with its eight lanes and electronic time measurement. A separate 50-meter pool will be available in the Olympia-Schwimmhalle for warming up and cooling down, as well as the diving pool, should you from time to time simply feel like splashing about in the water. For relaxation you can use the extensive meadow with a view of the Olympia Lake and the Olympic Tower.

There will be plenty of room for all your fans, team colleagues, and friends in the large spectator stands. The Rainbow Village, the central hub for all of the EuroGames, is directly in front of the "Schwimmhalle". The venues for chess, dancing, football, wrestling, badminton and beach volleyball are all situated directly in this immediate area.

About the rules

Individual events:

Competition rules (WB), the legal regulations (RO) and the anti-doping regulations (ADB) of the German Swimming Association (Deutscher Schwimmverband) apply.

The one-start-rule will apply: this means that a false start will not be repeated, unless it is the fault of the of the refereeing panel. The false starter will be disqualified. The allocation to the individual races will be made exclusively according to the times supplied at registration. Those with the slowest times start earliest. The competitions will be assessed according to age groups (AK) (AK 20: 20 to 24 years old, AK 25: 25 to 29 years old, AK 30: 30 to 34 years old, ...., AK 100: 100 years old and upwards).

Competition passes should be brought to the "Schwimmhalle", and we reserve the right to inspect these. Competitors without competition passes should please inform the organizers in advance (by E-Mail).

A maximum of three individual competitions on one day are allowed. Cancellation Withdrawals must be made known to the competition referees before the start of competition.


The classification into age groups (AK) for the relays is as follows:

AK 80-99 years old, AK 100 -119 years old, AK 120-159 years old, AK 160-199 years old, AK 200-239 years old, AK 240-279 years old, AK 280-319 years old, AK 320-359 years old, and AK 360 years and older. Participants state their age when they register. The final nominations for the relay teams must be handed in on the morning of the day of competition. You will be given special forms for this at the meeting of team captains.

In mixed relay teams two women and two men take part. They may swim in any order.

Special needs

The EuroGames encourage swimmers with special needs to take part in the competitions. As with all swimmers, allocation to the individual races will be made exclusively according to the times supplied at registration. Starting with the help of assistants is permitted. Participants are allowed to start in the water. The evaluation will be made according to age group, but without differentiating according to degree or type of disablement.


Swimmers who achieve one of the first three places in their age group will be awarded a medal. The awards ceremonies will be carried out by representatives of the EuroGames and the City of Munich during the competition. The EuroGames will make known the times of the awards ceremonies in good time.

Synchronized swimming

During the interval in the competition a show will be presented by two teams of synchronized swimmers.


Please note: Times are approximate.

Friday, 30th July 2004
WK 1: 400 m Free-style 09.00 hWK 6: 50 m Butterfly 14.00 h
WK 2: 50 m Backstroke 10.45 hWK 7: 200 m Backstroke 14.25 h
WK 3: 100 m Breaststroke 11.05 hWK 8: 50 m Free-style 14.55 h
WK 4: 100 m Butterfly 12.05 hWK 9: 400 m Medley 15.45 h
WK 5: 4 x 100 m Free-style relay mixed 12.20 hWK 10: 4 x 100 m Free-style relay women 16.25 h
Break WK 11: 4 x 100 m Free-style relay men 

Saturday, 31st July 2004
WK 12: 200 m Butterfly 09.00 hWK 19: 200 m Medley 14.00 h
WK 13: 4 x 50 m Free-style relay mixed 09.15 hWK 20: 4 x 50 m Medley relay mixed 14.50 h
WK 14: 200 m Breaststroke 09.45 hWK 21: 50 m Breaststroke 15.20 h
WK 15: 100 m Backstroke 10.40 hWK 22: 200 m Free-style 16.00 h
WK 16: 100 m Free-style 11.00 hWK 23: 4 x 50 m Medley relay women 16.50 h
WK 17: 4 x 50 m Free-style relay women 12.00 hWK 24: 4 x 50 m Medley relay men 
WK 18: 4 x 50 m Free-style relay men   

At the end of the day of competition on Saturday there will be a 4 x 50 m Fun-relay. Details of this will be made known at the venue. The participants in the Fun-relay will be decided upon separately.

Additional information

Wearing outdoor shoes is not allowed in the area of the swimming pools. A 1 Euro coin will be required for the clothing lockers. The EuroGames take no responsibility for theft or accident. Therefore: leave your valuables at home as far as possible! (Please do not forget your participant's identification for the EuroGames.)