Rowing TriathlonTrack&Field 10 km Basketball Women
Olympic Regatta Course Half MarathonGaißacher Straße 8
Table Tennis Dante-Stadium and Olympic ParkBowling
municipal hall, Georg-Zech-Allee Volleyball MenMartin-Luther-Straße 21
Cheerleading Big Orange Party Sportanlage NeuhausenBasketball Men
Alabamahalle/Festspielhaus/ Arnulfstraße 270AFZ, Schlierseestraße 47
Millenium/Tempel/Tempelclub Volleyball MenVolleyball Women
Domagkstraße 33 Elektrastraße 61Ungsteiner Straße 46+50
Aerobics Gymnastikhalle Handball Marsplatz 8Volleyball Men
Badminton triple hallSquash RSC Fit FactoryQuiddestraße 4
Bench Press multi purpose hallWilhelm-Hale-Straße 45Free climbing
Beach Volleyball outdoor areaInfodesk TouristinfoDAV Anlage Thalkirchen
Football northern areaCentral StationThalkirchnerstraße 207
Wrestling Fencing hallInfodesk TouristinfoAir gun shooting
Volleyball FinalsMarienplatzHSG Zielstattstraße 6
ZHS, Connollystraße 32Ladies Night PartyTennis
Volleyball MenForum am Deutschen MuseumNeukeferloh
Freiligrathstraße 71Black & White PartyVolleyball Men
Opening Ceremony Chess MuffathalleEngadiner Straße 1
Dancing Olympic HallFencingGolf
Swimming Olympic Swimming HallMTV Hall, Häberlstraße 11Golf Club Iffeldorf
Brunch Closing CeremonyKarate Martial ArtsIffeldorf
Rainbow VillageLindwurmstraße 90

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Many of the events will take place in the facilities of the Olympic Complex and the ZHS (Central University Sports Center) both within a few minutes walk of the Rainbow Village. In addition to the Olympic facilities, we
Climbing facility
Munich. We would like to give some examples:

The ZHS-facility in the Northwest section of the Olympic Complex is Munich’s University Sports Center. Football, beach volleyball and some indoor sports will take place here.

Munich’s most famous swimming pool , in which Mark Spitz won seven gold medals and became the most successful Olympian of all time, offers EuroGames’ swimming competitions. Synchronized swimming will be
Olympic Swimming Pool
offered as a show program between the individual competitions.

Built in 1927, the Dante Track and Field Stadium is located in the vicinity of the Olympiapark and will serve as the venue for all
one of numerous halls at the ZHS-facility
track and fields events. The largely covered grand stands can accommodate up to 14000 spectators. The courses for the 10,000 meter and half marathon runs will lead from here to the Olympiapark and back again.

The rowing regatta will be held at the Olympic Regatta Course . The 2.4 km Regatta Course with its paved track located in a traffic-free environment of woods and lakes is also ideally
Dante track & field stadium
suited for carrying out a triathlon competition. Spectators are accommodated with covered viewing grand stands.

Completed in 1999, the climbing hall is Europe’s largest indoor climbing facility. Located in the city’s southern Thalkirchen neighborhood, it is easily accessible via public transportation. Grand stands offer the spectator an excellent perspective on the efforts of the athletes to reach the top.

The city of Munich maintains a number of sports halls and county facilities that are available for use during the EuroGames. Used as over-flow facilities they will enable us to increase the number of participants for some disciplines if necessary with the drawback that they are not all as centrally located as the principal venues.

Easy and comfortable transportation to and from the Olympiapark is guaranteed by a comprehensive underground network in Europe. Additional venues (Free climbing, Tennis and various sports halls) are easily reached by means of public transportation. If needed, a private shuttle service will be arranged (Rowing, Triathlon).

  Olympic Regatta Course