Office closing down on 31st December 2004   11/12/2004

We will be closing down our office in Blumenstrasse on 31st December 2004, and disconnecting the telephone and fax numbers and most of our email addresses as well.

From now until 31st March 2005 we can only be reached at the email address: After 31st March 2005 we will have completely dissolved our association (EuroGames München e.V.). Questions about the EuroGames 2004 can be sent to the EGLSF board: They will then be sent on to one of our private addresses to be answered.

New E-Mail Addresses since August 10, 2004   11/08/2004 1:59 pm

The tenth EuroGames will take place next year from 16th to 19th June in
Utrecht in the Netherlands. The Organization Committee is already busy
with the preparations, and will need the Email addresses that we have
been using. We have switched these over to Utrecht on 10th August.


EuroGames - The Movie - Coming in Fall 2004 - order now!   11/08/2004 2:38 pm

Breathtaking competitions! Exclusive interviews! And a delightful story...

The official documentary of the IX. European gay & lesbian multisport championships in Munich 2004.

The biggest EuroGames of all times at the Olympia-Park in Munich. 5000 athletes, 200 competitions, 26 different disciplines - but just 1 film recording it all. Do not miss this unique DVD, recalling the greatest moments and memories of these outstanding games.


Share your photos and win a free EuroGames DVD!   16/08/2004 1:28 am

Mail them to:

The EGLSF will award the most charming photo with a free copy of the official 2004 EuroGames movie on DVD.
Send your photos to before September 1, 2004.

To have a look at all published photos, please visit: .

Polizei steht hinter EuroGames   05/08/2004 6:12 pm

Die Münchner Polizei hat die lesbisch-schwulen Europameisterschaften in München nach Kräften unterstützt. Ein Dank von den VeranstalterInnen.


Blutgrätsche und voller Einsatz fordern ihren Tribut   06/08/2004 10:57 am

Für Anne und Juliane von den Northern Stars aus Hamburg war der Einsatz bei den EuroGames in München nur kurz. Auf dem Rasen, der für viele die Welt bedeutet, ist manches Fußballspiel kürzer als erwartet.


Miteinander statt gegeneinander   05/08/2004 6:28 pm

Was sind eigentlich "Material Arts"?, wurde Saskia Schottelius am vergangenen Wochenende während der EuroGames häufig gefragt. "Martial Arts", verbesserte sie dann regelmäßig. Das klinge zwar martialisch, mit Kriegskünsten habe das aber wenig zu tun, sagt die mehrfache Gold-Medaillen-Gewinnerin. Martial Arts sind eine Wettkampfdisziplin, bei der sich alle Kampfkünste miteinander messen.


Kulturprogramm ein voller Erfolg   05/08/2004 6:31 pm

Die Kulturwoche mit Filmnacht, Lesungen, Theater und Konzerten kam bei den Besucherinnen und Besuchern der EuroGames in München gut an. Eine Nachlese.


Cheerleading: The house was brought down!   05/08/2004 4:44 pm

The Alabamahouse was packed out and all because the cheerleading competition was being held there with six competing teams, five from German and one from France. The winners, from Cologne, won with their original ABBA medley.


19 Challenge Cups in München   01/08/2004 8:20 pm

The EuroGames includes obligatory disciplines. These are formed from those sports with the highest membership. Counted amongst these are Volleyball, Badminton and swimming. In these disciplines the EGLSF awards its Challege cups for exceptional sporting achievments and this year there are 19 cups to be awarded. The cups carry the names of those who have fought for the gay and lesbian sport movement and highlights our pride in what we have built and achieved in the last 25 years.

Rowing for Olympia   01/08/2004 2:12 pm

EuroGames and top level-sport do not gather out:
While the competitions of rowing was taking place at the Olympic rowing area in Oberschleißheim, the Netherland's national rowing team was doing their training alongside.


Brunch of happiness   02/08/2004 7:25 pm

For the farewell brunch this Sunday morning about 100 participants of the EuroGames came to the Olympic Park. For 15 Euro they enjoyed Weißwürste (white sausages), paella and tomato soup.


Grand closing concert at Prinzregententheater   02/08/2004 7:33 pm

Sunday evening for the very first time in the history of the EuroGames there was held a classical closing concert.


Religious service at Theatron   01/08/2004 2:01 pm

The EuroGames invited all for a sunday morning ecumenical religious service at Theatron at the edge of the Rainbow Village. The slogan is: "God s'ports every color of the rainbow".


First time at the Eurogames for wheelchair dancing   31/07/2004 10:23 pm

The wheelchair dancing competition was warmly wellcomed by the public at the EuroGames this year. The spectacular levels of wheelchair dancing brought the house down. First place was awarded to the dancing pair from Starnberg (near Munich); Hans Brunner and Barbara Tenge. This is the first time that handicapped sportsmen and women (55 to be precise) have been welcomed into the Eurogames.

Heroine of the Magermilchbande (lowfatmilk team)   31/07/2004 10:28 pm

The Magermilchbande team (lowfatmilk team) of Munster beat the Coco´s from Cologne 1:0 with much help from their impressive goalie. The ladies-team was formed especially for the EuroGames.

Thirsty footballers!   31/07/2004 10:30 pm

At the finals of the football competition this Saturday afternoon, the footballers drank so much that by 4pm the beer ran out! The caterers, from Cafe Gluck, Munich, commented:
"we normally get through that amount of beer and food in a week in our cafe".

EuroGames Shopping Night der Galeria Kaufhof: Ein voller Erfolg   
01/08/2004 10:32 am

Rund 2000 lesbische und schwule akkreditierte TeilnehmerInnen, BesucherInnen und HelferInnen der EuroGames kamen gestern zur EuroGames Shopping Night der Galeria Kaufhof am Marienplatz. Anlässlich der ungewöhnlichen und viel beachteten Aktion öffneten sich ihnen zwischen 20 Uhr 30 und Mitternacht die Türen des beliebten Warenhauses, das die EuroGames als Gold-Sponsor unterstützt.


Town council member presents medals in Martial Arts   02/08/2004 8:12 pm

Thomas Niederbühl, the Rosa Liste ("pink party") member of the Munich town council awarded the winner of the mens Martial arts competition today. He declared that the level of the free combat achieved was exceptional and as a founding member of the Munich gay and lesbian Bushido club (Karate) he was well able to judge. Angelika Riedi presented the medals to the winner of the women´s competition.


Fencing: Female competitor beats everyone   31/07/2004 5:39 pm

28 year old Ulrike Bernau from Berlin won all fencing competitions at the Eurogames (single, double and men/women rounds). She has never taken part in the Eurogames before. "I'm very happy that I'm officially here at the Eurogames for the first time" said the happy winner.

Bavarian Olympian in Theatron   01/08/2004 10:38 am

Right in the centre of the Olympiapark, at the edge of the Rainbow Village is the Theatron, an outdoor theatre. Since Thursday there´s been a plethora of shows and music runing here. This evening the Bavarian wildwater slalom goldmedal winner, Thomas Schmidt, will say a few words to the EuroGames. The show program held at the Theatron has been arranged by the Cultural department of the Munich Town council.


Big Big Orange   13/08/2004 9:53 am

Two athletes in the Rainbow Village

This evening at 10 pm the EuroGames invite everyone to the Big Orange Party, an event of massive proportions...
Tonight over 5300 participants and 1500 volunteers celebrate the end of the 3-day tournament on the former barracks-area in the Domagkstrasse.
Around 10.30 pm their will be the cheer-leading contest.
Cards available at the Info Point in the Rainbow Village, at München-Ticket and at the evening box


Tennis: Newcomer displace Favorites    01/08/2004 10:51 am

Because of the high amount of participants at the tennis tournament of the EuroGames everything came out a bit different then expected. The favorites had to fight the strong EuroGames newbies.


Table football at the Ladies' Night   31/07/2004 5:45 pm

Friday night thousands of celebrate at the isar the first big contest day of the EuroGames in munich.
The Ladies' Night in the forum at the Deutschen Museum and the Black & White Party for men where to darn crowed, the mood happy and frolic.

Parties of the Superlative!


Tabletennis Women: Favorite teams from Germany and Sweden meet each other   31/07/2004 12:49 pm

Decision in table tennis double women:
With 3:0 in the forefront the favorite teams Germany and Sweden go apart.

In the match Alexandra Iwanow from Rehlingen and Michaela Schmidt from Hamburg beat their swedish adversaries Barbro Wictorsson from Stockholm and Britt-Marie Lehdet from Tyresö.

Run on the guided tours   01/08/2004 10:53 am

The guided tours of the EuroGames Culture Week are very appreciated by the participants. "The tours are booked out", says Karl Prestele, who takes EuroGames' visitors around the castle of Nymphenburg and through the Olympic Park. "Many ask us, why we don't offer more... of this".


First day swimming results for actress Ulrike Folkerts   31/07/2004 9:50 am

Well known Tatort TV series actress, Ulrike Folkerts gained third place (out of 7) in the 50m Butterfly, class over 40, Friday afternoon with a time of 38.29 seconds. The first two places were taken by the German swimmers Kerstin Coha (35.41s) and Patricia Schuldhey (37.20s) respectively.


"Munich is becoming a place to be for lesbians and gays"   01/08/2004 11:08 am

The women swim away from the men and Munich is becoming a lesbian and gay paradise. What the Eurogames can affect, is shown by the first impressions from the perimeter of the Olympic Swimming Hall, where the swimming competitions of the Eurogames having been taking place.


Homosexuality and Disability: Constructive Conference   01/08/2004 11:09 am

On Friday, the representatives of "Homosexuality & Disability in Sport" discussed this topic. The aim of the conference is to bring the areas of sport, disability and homosexuality together.


11.000 celebrate the opening of the Eurogames   31/07/2004 10:09 am

Marla Glen sings at the opening party of the Eurogames 2004

On Thursday 11.000 people celebrated the official opening of the IXth Eurogames in the Olympic Hall, Munich. International and national stars including Maria Glen, Jimmy Somerville, Georgette Dee and the Croonettes got the event off to a great start.


The Rainbow Village is ready to welcome you!   13/08/2004 9:54 am

For a few days flags have been waving at the Munich main station, the Stachus circle and at Marienplatz with the message: The EuroGames are coming to town. The newspapers are full of articles, and Munich is full of volunteers in their bright orange t-shirts.


Zypries welcomes 5300 sportswomen and men   13/08/2004 9:53 am

For the first time in their history the EuroGames were attended by a member of Germany's Federal Government. Mrs Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister of Justice, addressed the 9th EuroGames at the opening ceremony hold on Thursday in Munich's Olympic Hall (Olympiahalle).


Cultural program   08/07/2004 10:12 pm

CSD Munich 2004

For a detailed survey of our cultural program please go to the culture site .
The Cultural week starts on Saturday, 24th July 2004 with the Gay Pride in Munich (Christopher Street Day). Detailed information on the Gay Pride in Munich can be found under .

Program of cultural events and excursions
Highlights of the EuroGames cultural week:
25th July  "Begegnungen"
Get together at "Literaturhaus/Kaffehaus Dukatz" a very special evening – sparkling like champagne – in a wonderful ambience
26th July  Film preview "Sommersturm"
Atelier film theater, tickets at box-office
27th / 28th / 30th July
International choir concerts
Amerika Haus
Olympic Hall for the first time at the EuroGames: march-in of the athletes from more... than 40 countries with Croonettes, Uwe Kröger, Georgette Dee, Jimmy Somerville, Marla Glen and surprise guests

30th July

After hours Shopping Night
exclusively for participants + registered visitors, Galeria Kaufhof am Marienplatz

"Black & White Party"
for Gays and Friends, Muffathalle

"Ladies Night Party"
for Lesbians and Friends, Forum am Deutschen Museum, Museumsinsel

31st July

Great Choir Concert
Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz

Mega-Party "Big Orange"
5 indoor and 1 large outdoor areas, Domagkstraße

1st August

Brunch + Closing Ceremony
at the Olympic Lake, next to Rainbow Village

"Summer – Sun & Fun"
Steamboat trip on Lake Starnberg

"Love without limits"
Classical Concert, Prinzregententheater
a huge program of excursions can be booked as well
with specialities such as Neuschwanstein, Herrenchiemsee, guided tours of the city's lesbian and gay history, Munich by bike, museum tours, etc.
Tickets at München Ticket or via our Online Registration
 Information on Ticket Booking