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Ticket Prices for Cultural Events

It's worth while booking early!

Tickets for all EuroGames 2004 events can be booked from May 10th with the online-registration. The prices below for all events include a charge for Munich-Ticket and are special prices for all participants that registered themselves as athletes, guests, volunteers or hosts for the EuroGames. There is no advance booking charge for online-booking.

We recommend you book all tickets with the online registration as early as possible as we have some limitations for certain events. There will be no guarantee that there will be enough tickets at the box office.

Have a look on our homepage on a regular basis, this way you will find out if certain events are sold out.

Booking with München Ticket

All tickets can be bought at the box office of München Ticket or the internet portal of Munich ticket on For all advance booking places the same prices apply as given below with an additional advance booking charge of 12%.

Booking with our online-registration

It is very simple to use our online-registration:

1) Logg on with your registration number and your password in online-registration.
2) Click on "Events" and get an overview of the program.
3) Click "book" on the events you like to book and the number of tickets you need in the particular price range you like and finish you booking by pressing the "order" button.
4) Change to the finance area and choose how you would like to pay for the tickets.

The tickets will not be send out in advance but will be given out at the rainbow village at a special box office.

Please note that tickets that have been paid for already cannot be canceled. Booking with our online-registration started at May 10th.


The "LaOla" - package

The "LaOla"-package includes:

  • Ticket for the Grand Opening Ceremony in the Olympic Hall on 29.7.2004
    (highest price category: 25 Euro)
  • Four-day-ticket for public transport (MVV), from 29.7. till 1.8.2004, including all shuttle services
  • Free entrance to all sporting events of EuroGames
  • Access to the after hours Shopping Night at the Galeria Kaufhof at Marienplatz on 30.7.2004 (from 20:30 till midnight)
  • Access to the Closing Ceremony on 1.8.2004 at the Olympic Lake (13:00)

TicketPrice per ticket
"LaOla"-packageEUR 35,00

Please note: The "LaOla"-package can only be booked via our online-registration.


Please note: All prices given below are without advance booking charge of 12%.

Choir concerts I, II and III on 27th / 28th / 30th July 2004

Amerika Haus

TicketPrice per ticket
Ticket per concertEUR 11,00
Combi ticket (package) for choir concerts I, II and III EUR 28,00

"All over the Rainbow" Choir Final concert on 31.07.2004

Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz

Price categoryPrice per ticket
AEUR 23,50
BEUR 21,00
CEUR 18,50
DEUR 16,00
EEUR 13,50
FEUR 11,00
S   standing roomEUR 6,00

Classical concert on 01.08.2004


Price categoryPrice per ticket
AEUR 26,00
BEUR 23,50
CEUR 21,00
DEUR 18,50
EEUR 16,00
FEUR 13,50