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Art project and exhibitions

"Munich s'ports the rainbow – Encounters without frontiers"

"Munich s'ports the rainbow" is the motto of the EuroGames 2004 and contains the message: "Munich supports the rainbow". The EuroGames are the biggest sporting occasion in our city until the soccer World Cup in 2006 – with over 5,300 athletes in 26 different sports and 20,000 visitors.

The EuroGames culture team wants to present Munich as a cosmopolitan sporting and cultural city. The cultural week, extending beyond the days of competition, is intended to make associations between sport and culture in a form that has never been seen before in Munich. Dazzling accents will be set in a series of events and exhibitions, not just during the cultural week but extending from the end of June until August:

The curator Matthias Schüßler, in cooperation with the EuroGames 2004, the Forum am Deutschen Museum, Galerie Ruf and the Schwanthaler School of Art, is organizing an art project with the title "Munich s'ports the rainbow – Encounters without frontiers", in which for the first time art and sport will melt together to provide understanding between cultures.

FORUM am Deutschen Museum

From 26th June 2004 onwards, the artists Reinhard Fritz, Ingo Glass, Martina Kraus, Michael Likan, Jozef Melichercík and Carmen Sánchez Ruiz-Jiménez will be transmitting this message by means of their works of art in the FORUM am Deutschen Museum.

In his concrete works the artist Jozef Melichercík delivers reflections of people and sporting disciplines. Among other things, Melichercík presents four works which offer something artistically completely new. The artist has wrapped white plastic tapes about 1.5 cm wide around groups of two pillars on the ground floor of the Forum am Deutschen Museum, and thus produced large-formatted surfaces for pictures. From 14th to 25th June Jozef Melichercík will be working on site with his art on these surfaces as a "work in progress".

The theme "Rainbow" is taken up by Michael Likan with his landscape paintings and Carmen Sánchez Ruiz-Jiménez from Spain with her landscape photography.

In her calligraphic works with speech symbols from many different cultures, Martina Kraus focuses attention on the terms "Tolerance" and "Acceptance".

Further significant variations on the theme are developed by the well-known artists Reinhard Fritz and Ingo Glass.

Ingo Glass is showing various sculptures in metal, in the three basic geometrical shapes and in the primary colors. "Encounters without frontiers" are also expressed by Reinhard Fritz with his compositions of differing objects and shapes in large-format works of glazed wood.

exhibition26th June – 31st August 2004
openingSunday, 4th July 2004, at 19:30
addressFORUM am Deutschen Museum Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
Museumsinsel 1, 80538 Munich
phone+49(0)89-211 25-0

Rainbow Village / Olympic Hall

Martina Kraus, Michael Likan and Jozef Melichercík create a "bow" in the figurative sense, reaching from the FORUM am Deutschen Museum to the Rainbow Village in the Olympic Park. For the opening of the EuroGames on 29th July in the Olympic Hall, they are presenting three large-scale works which can be seen in the Rainbow Village during the games from 30th July to 1st August and following this in the exhibition at the FORUM am Deutschen Museum.

Galerie Ruf am Oberanger

The Galerie Ruf will be showing small-scale works by the artists in their own exhibition.

openingSaturday, 24th July 2004, at 18:30
exhibition25th July – 15th August 2004
addressGalerie Ruf, Oberanger 35, 80331 Munich

Schwanthaler Kunstschule (School of Art)

For the EuroGames, the Schwanthaler Kunstschule is organizing a competition among its present and former students. Martina Bartel, Christine Boy, Nina Dollinger, Christina Gattermann, Rainer Gratz, Andreas Speranza, Andrea Wucherer, Anita Wucherer, Martina Zechel and other students will explore the topic in widely differing fields: drawing, painting, graphics, computer art and design.

The Schwanthaler Kunstschule will be presenting the works in their own exhibition for the EuroGames.

openingWednesday, 28th July 2004, at 18:00
exhibition29th July – 8th August 2004
addressSchwanthaler Kunstschule, Orleansstraße 63, 80336 Munich

Contact and further information

art management schüßler
Matthias Schüßler, Kirchenstraße 95, 81675 Munich, Tel: +49(0)178-5478935