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EuroGames Choir Festival

The Choir Concerts at 27, 28, 30th and 31st July

Choir concert I

Tuesday, 27th July
Amerika Haus
Start 20:00 (admittance 19:00)

Homophon (Münster)
Melodiva (Munich)
Rosa Note (Stuttgart)
Vox Rosa (Den Haag)

Choir Condert II

Wednesday, 28th July
Amerika Haus
Start 20:00 (admittance 19:00)

Cantatori del Duomo (Utrecht)
Ma's Mannen (Rotterdam)
Kleine Chorversuchung (Berlin)
Lilamunde (Munich)

Choir Concert III

Friday, 30th July
Amerika Haus
Start 20:00 (admittance 19:00)

Lesbian Choir Stuttgart
Männerminne (Berlin)
Manoeuvre (Amsterdam)
Philhomoniker (Munich)

These choirs are – as we know since "Various Voices" – always in for surprises. They present a wide variety with adaptations of traditionals, classical arias or pop songs.

How to get to the concert / Ticket prices

The choir concerts I, II and III will take place at Amerika Haus, Karolinenplatz 3 (at the Obelisk).
Tram 27 to Karolinenplatz or subway station "Königsplatz" (5 walking minutes) or "Karlsplatz/Stachus" (U-Bahn, S-Bahn, Tram, 10 walking minutes).
Each concert starts at 20.00 (admittance 19.00).

TicketPrice (without advance booking charge)
Price per ConcertEUR 11,00
Combi ticket (package) for Choir Concert I, II and III EUR 28,00

The tickets are unnumbered, free choice of seats.

Final Choir Concert "All over the Rainbow"

Saturday, 31st July 2004
Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz
Start 20:00 (admittance 19:00)

Cantatori del Duomo (Utrecht)
Homophon (Münster)
Kleine Chorversuchung (mixed Ensemble Berlin)
Lesbian Choir Stuttgart
Manoeuvre (Amsterdam)
Ma's Mannen (Rotterdam)
Männer-Minne (Berlin)
Rosa Note (Stuttgart)
Vox Rosa (Den Haag)
as well as Lilamunde, Melodiva and the Philhomoniker from Munich

– Subject to change –

How to get to the concert / Ticket prices

The final Choir Concert will take place at the "Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz".
Bus 52/56 to "Gärtnerplatz" or subway station "Fraunhoferstraße" (3 walking minutes) or U- and S-Bahn station "Marienplatz" (8 walking minutes) or S-Bahn station "Isartor" (8 walking minutes).
The concert starts at 20.00 (admittance 19.00)

Price categoryPrice (without advance booking charge)
AEUR 23,50
BEUR 21,00
CEUR 18,50
DEUR 16,00
EEUR 13,50
FEUR 11,00
S   standing-roomEUR 6,00

Manoeuvre (Amsterdam)


Gay men choir Amsterdam

"Do you love me because I'm beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me?"

This season Manoeuvre is in love! Manoeuvre sings about the beauty of the butterflies of love.

Amsterdams gay men's choir sings about the new love in your life, and about being still in love in a relationship that last for 24 years.

Manoeuvre will sing about the desire of an unanswered love and about the end of a love....

In four voices, with ingenious arrangements, which often pales the originals.

Manoeuvre moves you to tears, makes you happy, melancholic, or just provides you a nice sing-a-long.

But remember this: 'Love is a fire, but whether is it going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell!'.



gay men choir Berlin

Männer-Minne was founded as the first gay men choir in Berlin in 1987. Since the 4th European gay-lesbian choir festival 1988 we have participated in nearly all European and American choir festival, last in 2001 at the Festival in Berlin that we helped organizing.

With David Oliver, who took over the leadership of the choir in May 2003, the about 25 active members currently work on a program with a specific Berlin-topic. We are hereby supported by our pianist Holger Perschke, who is also new.

Die Kleine Berliner Chorversuchung

Die Kleine Berliner Chorversuchung

Mixed Ensemble Berlin

Four women and four men – friends, singers and hobbycooks. As a real child of the "Various Voices Festival" in Berlin this funny choir is constantly in search of new musical horizons and hidden cooking recipes. And the singers are always trying to put new and strange miracles on stage. Their current program contains songs such as "mad dogs" or "trouts totally in love".
Be ready to be served!

Vox Rosa (Den Haag)

Vox Rosa

Gay men choir The Hague

Vox Rosa is very honoured to be invited to join the Choir Festival of EuroGames 2004 in Munich. But, being busy as usual with costumes, suitcases and booking the cheapest luxury hotel, they miss their train to Munich. While catching a southbound plane it seems that something goes really wrong and Vox Rosa lands somewhere in the dark middle ages. Strangely, none of the 25 gay men from The Hague seem to notice…

Luckily Vox Rosa has three wonderful ladies, Huitink, Samson and Heerema, on their side (musical director, choreographer and pianist). And although they try very hard to keep the boys on time and in the right location, you can never be 100% sure when and where Vox Rosa will appear.

HOMOPHON (Münster)


Gay men choir Münster

For nearly 16 years now Homophon, the first gay men choir Münster present a-capella at its best, decorated with Conférencen varying from sharp to brutal with choreographies varying from unobrusive to risky and with costumes varying from tremendous to tragic. And that Homophon can be as meaty as Münsterlander ham, racy as Münsterländer dogs, poetic as Annette von Droste-Hülshoff and deep like the Aasee they have proven in the last years not only on their home stages but also as a Munsterian export article with appearances from London to Prag and from Pommerby to Zurich.

In their current program "practicle, blond and stable" Homophone is looking into the indefetigable little helpers at home, which make sure that strawberrys that were in the freezer for two months still look like freshly picked. Who doesn't now the multiply usable little things from "Trullerware" ? Homophone is planning in their optical and acustical hommage towards the beautiful vessels made of Polypropylen & Co., to even convince the biggest sceptics.

Ma's Mannen (Rotterdam)

Ma's Mannen

Gay men choir Rotterdam

Ma's mannen (mothers boys) was founded in 2000 and is the first Rotterdam gay choir. Focussing on singing and having a good time Ma's mannen keeps an open door to any gay-loving person to join in. We sing popular songs and often want the audience to join in. Recently Ma's mannen started to work with a new conductor: Binnen Meijer.

We are looking forward to meet you at the EuroGames!

Lesbian Choir Stuttgart

Lesbian Choir Stuttgart

For 6 years now 30 lesbians try to accomplish the mission of shared harmonics. In programs about the lesbian varieties and coming out we moved between erotic fun, political statements and self irony. We are currently presenting a criminal circle with a lesbian sub text, shady compositions, lascivious choreographies and never-heart-of arrangements.

Who doesn't know the lonesome nights, that a woman spends next to a passionate bookworm ? "Bidlabou" or "The kleptomaniac" take you with subtle humor through the 1920's and 30's ! With "Jailhouse Rock" we give you the new tune of "Hinter Gittern". It's Crime Time !

Rosa Note (Stuttgart)

Rosa Note

Gay men choir Stuttgart

Rosa Note Stuttgart, are about 25 enthusiastic men, that sing, dance, laugh and have fun together - and thereby accomplished a lot and brought it on stage.

Pop, Swing, Easy Listening, Classical - no musical genre is save of their creative revisions. You can admire us at choir festivals, listen to us deviotionally in devine service at the World-Aids-Day or you can throw your underwear on stage at our own concerts.

In our current program "cooking passion" we demonstrate that it is not only love but also hate that goes through your tummy. The topic of "Men and kitchen" has definitly not been discussed enough in modern literature and "cooking passion" is going to change that. An emergency with your 2-minute-egg, sex on the ceran cooker, mothers choclate cookies against your lovers french kisses - that and a lot our current program discovers. And in the end it's not only the cooker that is cooking.... More Rosa ? More notes ? More information ?

Cantatori del Duomo (Utrecht)

Cantatori del Duomo

Gay men choir Utrecht

"Cantatori del Doumo" (Cathedral singers) is the name of this men choir from Utrecht (the 4th biggest city and the geographical middle of the Netherlands). Since their founding in November 1990 the gay amateur choir proudly and passionately occupies itself with all the nice and sometimes difficult things in life.

With the motivating leadership by Loes Egbers and supported by (concert) pianist Arthur Bouma "Cantator del Duomo" present a colourful repertoire of classical pop songs, Musicals and cabaret: Queen, Diana Ross, Mama Cas, Aida, Chicago, Dutch folk singers, etc.

All songs are especially arranged to the four-part choir. The appearances of "Cantatori del Duomo" elate the audience because their songs don't leave anybody cold, they often bring surprising changes and also have a subtle choreography. And without doubt - homosexuality - no surprise - is the main theme. Our leitmotif: "amuse and touch".

The "Cathedral singers" have participated in many festivals, i.e. at the "Mittsommer Grachten Festival (which also takes part during the EuroGames 2005 in Utrecht) or in other international festivals in Munich, London or Berlin. At the "Holebi Choir Festival" (Antwerpen 2001) "Cantatori del Duomo" received an award for their repertoire. 2005 the choir will also take part in the "Various Voices Festival" in Paris.

Lilamunde (Munich)


Lesbian choir Munich

Founded in May 1993, we were the first Munich lesbian choir with currently 15 women very varying in age, style and hair length but harmonic and even toned in singing - thanks to our choir leader Beatrice Greisinger.

We sing many-voiced and in different languages cheesy songs, musical melodies and other music pieces for many-voiced women choirs. Classical tunes are also part of it. Highlights were for us the "Various Voices Festival 97" in Munich, the Gay Games 98 in Amsterdam, the "Festival Singender Frauen" in Neuperlach and last years "lilahomodivanisches" Faschingsball-Konzert (together with Philhomoniker and Melodiva) in Munich's Volkstheater.

The current program "Lilamunde in Team" gives you a deep insight - you will get to know everything you never wanted to know about lesbian choir life… and a lot more !

And of course we are looking forward to You, the choir festival and the EuroGames in Munich!



Lesbian choir Munich

Melodiva, that means music, show, costumes, masks, funny texts, choreography, ambitious arrangements, revel in evergreens, songs in all languages that everybody likes to hear again - all in all big fun.

With 28 women and a pianist we present many-voiced music and fun, many of our texts we get from the big repertoire of lesbian life. This of course if also true for the stories we tell in our pieces. Three music theatres were next to many short appearances part of our choir program. All pieces, texts, arrangements are done by ourselves and offer best entertainment for girlfriend, friends, family and everybody you wants to see us: Melodiva lesbian choir !

We sing for 10 years now on various stages in Munich, Regensburg, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Amsterdam or Sydney. And now we are looking forward to the EuroGames in Munich !

Philhomoniker (Munich)


Gay men choir Munich

Since 1990 the Philhomoniker enrich the many folded cultural scene of the planet and they are - despite out-of-town appearances - world-famed in their hometown Munich. They had great and many successes with their programs. They discovered the secret of "Don Gionni" (the story of the biggest trouser-bump) they cruised all trough the Mediterranean Sea (a melodrama about the most incompetent steamer crew), they enchanted "Prince Ali and the four wonder bitches" or were on the tracks of "Sissi - menopause of an empress" and and and…

At the EuroGames choir festival the Philhomoniker will present something very very innovative. You as the audience will witness the first "PPP" - a "Partial-Pre-Premier", that you can look forward to with a happy "Holladri Hollaho" (whatever that means) !