Female power for the EuroGames

Our aim: 50% female participants at the EuroGames. Women should feel comfortable at the IX. EuroGames. The preparations of the cultural program that starts one week before the competitions as well as the preparations of the 27 different sports are already at full speed. One of the biggest lesbian-gay sporting events is looking forward to numerous registrations of sports-enthusiastic lesbians.

There are no preconditions for the participation. From the girl that jogs in her leisure time up to the trained football team, lesbians, transgender and heterosexual women will find their place in different levels. Also women with disabilities are of course very welcome. Their friends or lovers can e.g. participate in the vast variety of the social program such as exhibitions, cabaret, concerts and parties. For the opening ceremony at the Olympiahalle we have planned to engage stars of the gay scene such as Marla Glen, Georgette Dee and the Croonettes.

It is the participation that counts

The EuroGames sports-spectacle of the lesbian-gay community is so far not very well known in female- and lesbian circles. It regularly takes place in different European cities, such as last time in Copenhagen. From 'A' like aerobics, over badminton, soccer, football, swimming, tennis, table-tennis, triathlon and volley ball it offers a variety of 27 single- or team-sports. Over 120 unsalaried assistants from Munich's lesbian-gay community are currently engaged in several 'divisions' like e.g. sports-management, cultural sponsoring, marketing etc. Munich's Lord Mayor Christian Ude is the patron of this big event.

Female commitment pays off

So far 3.000 participants have registered. A total of 5.000 participants is expected by the organizers until the end of the registration period on April, 30th. Including the athletes Munich will welcome a total of appr. 20.000 visitors.

A quota of 50% female athletes is no illusion! Is has already been obtained with the VII. EuroGames in Zurich. In this year's 'big' EuroGames (which only take place every 4 years) Munich's female sports club 'Amazonen' functions as co-organizer. The two 'volley ball - amazons' Sabine Malecek and Annette Wolff are part of the seven-members steering committee of the games. Sabine Malecek organizes all sports-events and cares for their smooth operation; Annette Wolff is the specialist for the finances, Thus two of the central positions are occupied by women. Both are also personally engaged with information booths and events to encourage more women to participate in the organization and as athletes of the games. The female quota is so far one third (in Feb. '04) with the organizers as well as with the athletes.

Conquer the Olympic grounds of `72

Dancing, badminton, swimming and – after the victory of Germany's female national team in the world championships – of course also football are the favorite sports of the lesbians that have registered so far. Within these sports football is with 85% the one with the highest female quota so far, followed by standard dances with 70% and basketball with 60%. Men instead seem to be more keen on swimming, badminton, track and field athletics and tennis. Munich also attracts with extraordinary venues: for the first time the opening ceremony and a big part of the competitions and events will take place on Olympic Grounds. Those who want to combine the participation in the games with holiday activities will find the Bavarian lakes and mountains directly at the doorsteps of the Bavarian capitol. A special plus for the sportive lesbians is that every sport is supervised by men as well as by women. The mere female tournaments are even completely organized by women.

Party and more

Also culturally the state of the preparations is fifty-fifty. The big opening ceremony in the Olympiahalle will be hosted by a male and a female presenter. Together with Marla Glen and the stars of the gay scene they will do their best to shout encouragement to the athletes that march in, just like it is done at Olympic games.

In the rainbow-village there will be a program of several gay choirs and the powerful-voiced Katharina Herb and maybe also musical-star Uwe Kröger will perform together with various bands and groups. Rock, Tango, Klezmer, tap-dance, movies and theater will be shown and probably there will also be a 'performance-reading' of the German actress Ulrike Folkerts - in all a lot of wonderful events to look forward to! In addition to that all, there will be a large social program organized by the 'Hikedykes', such as trekking and hiking tours. The climax will be a bombastic Mega-Women-Only-Party for all those who will not yet be exhausted by the sportive competitions by then.



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